Daily Habits of Highly Successful People

HabitWe all wake up every morning to a daily routine, be it attending gym every morning, taking a shower, going to work, attending to lawn care tasks, preparing kids, among others. We all aspire to be successful, but the truth is, highly successful people do not rise to the top, by behaving just like any other person. They understand that achieving greater things comes with a lot of dedication, resilience and hard work.

From research and interviews conducted on highly successful people, here are daily habits such people have, they separate them from the rest of the pack.

Plan their day the night before

Highly successful people tend to plan their day the night before. It can be very easy to get off the track when you do not have a plan. Without a plan, your day will not be successful. Successful people tend to spend a little time the night before to plan clear goals on what they shall be doing the next day. Life may not always work as planned, but with a plan, things can be a little bit better.

Reading Books

Successful people read a lot of books to get inspired. Reading is an essential element if you are looking forward to gain invaluable knowledge on how things should be done. People such as Elon Musk read at least 4 hours a day, and see how successful he is. There is not necessarily a defined length into which you should read, but reading should be an integral part of your life, if you are looking forward to be successful.


Avoiding Distractions

Successful people try as much as they can to avoid getting distracted by what other people are doing. They use other people’s success journeys as sources of inspiration, and learn from what others are doing. However, they try as much as possible to avoid comparing themselves to what others have achieved, and instead chose to focus on their path. They realize that people come from different backgrounds and each journey is unique.


Health is a Priority

successSuccessful people make health their main priority. What you eat, exercise and how you sleep affects every aspect of your life. Successful people use exercise time as time to reset and plan on what’s ahead of them. They also make smart food choices and can be very selective on what they eat. So if gym is not on your to-do list, you are missing something very important.


Temporary Discomfort

Highly successful people tend to accept temporary discomfort as to them, it brings long term rewards. Successful people also tend to live each day as if it was their last. Life can be busy and chaotic, and so you need to focus on what’s only good. While it can be very important to plan everything, it is also very important to living life to its fullest. Life is very short and there’s no guarantee as to when it comes to end. It can be common to get frustrated while trying to achieve something, but successful people understand the important of keeping calm and living life the way it’s supposed to be.

Top Benefits of Exercising Every Day

exerciseExercise can be defined as any act that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories.  We all exercise in different ways, be it at work, like I do at Columbia Tow Truck, be it walking, swimming, and many other physical activities. There are very many different types of physical exercises and these vary from intensity to difficulty. Being active many benefits be it mental or physical. If you are looking forward to start a exercising, I would urge you to do so, and here are the top benefits of exercising.


Makes you happier

Exercise can make you happier because regular exercising has shown to improve mood and decrease feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. Exercise produces changes in parts of the brain that are associated with regulating stress and anxiety. It also increases brain sensitivity for hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin which relieve the feeling of depression. Exercise is also known for increasing the production of endorphins which are known to help in producing a good feeling.


Weight Loss

Weight LossStudies have shown that staying inactive is one of the major causes of gaining weight. To be able to work out the effect of exercise and weight reduction, you must first understand the relationship between energy expenditure and exercise. When you are dieting and opt to go for a reduced calorie intake, it can help in lowering your metabolic rate. On the other hand, regular exercising is important as it increases your metabolic rate which in turn burns more calories.


Increasing Energy Levels

Healthy people who exercise all the time are well known to have very high energy levels. Studies have shown that six weeks of regular exercising can help in reducing the feelings of fatigue. People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome need so exercise to boost their energy levels. Those with CFS syndrome are advised to combine regular exercising with other treatment therapies such as relaxation and stretching.


Improved self-confidence

It is very easy to lose confidence in yourself when you get fat, especially if you are a sensitive person. We leave in a competitive and judging society and body shaming is real. To boost your self-esteem, you need to hit the gym Exercise is one element well known in improving self-image. When you are fit and healthy, you will learn to accept and appreciate yourself because you feel more attractive.

Strengthening Bones and Muscles

It is very important to protect our joints, bones and muscles from a young age, to achieve a better quality life. Research has shown that physical activities, and particularly exercising, can be very important in promoting a strong bone density. Moderate aerobic exercise can help in reducing your risks of hip fracture.


Boosting Memory

One of the main benefits of exercising is increasing the production of cells in the hippocampus. These are cells that are responsible for memory and learning. They are essentially very important especially during the development stage of a child’s brain. Exercise helps in reducing insulin resistance and stimulating growth factors that reduce inflammation. Exercising leads to improved brain activity and can make you smarter.  Moderate exercise increases the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor which can help you in making better decisions.









Top Triathlon Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid

Kadena athlete trains for IronmanThere is nothing bad with being a beginner in Triathlon – everyone started somewhere. One of the good things about being a beginner in any sport is that you will improve. Triathlon is an enormous learning curve. All the mistakes done in triathlon serve as a learning platform and motivation to improve. You can learn from mistakes, but they don’t have to be your own.

To perform optimally in triathlon, you need to avoid last minute changes that have not been on your normal schedule. Know all the rules of this game and stick to them. Practice the transitions well and keep calm to have a fun day ahead. Continue reading “Top Triathlon Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid”

How to Prepare for Triathlon the Right Way.

triathlonTriathlon is not only a sport, but a lifestyle. Irrespective of if you are an amateur or a seasoned guru, triathlon is one of those few sports that help us to train together. As you work on improving your fitness and well-being, you can as well make fun. You might not get the fun you can get by booking Stafford Limo Service, however, you shall get a different one through interacting with the environment and other social athletes. What makes triathlon unique are the three different disciplines which include cycling, swimming and running, all in one race. Triathlon provides a number of distances, so whether you are 7 or 70+, there is something for everyone.

To prepare for triathlon in the right way, there are a number of things you need to get right. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Triathlon the Right Way.”

How to Be Mentally Fit for Triathlon

toughnessYou can do all swim, run and bike sessions in the world, but if you are not mentally fit and prepared for the triathlon’s race day, there is no guarantee for success. Mental training is essential to achieve success while competing in a triathlon event. A self-belief into what you can do will makes a big difference to your performance.

Your mental preparation starts well before you can make your mark in the water. The wheel will begin to turn on you when you decide to register for the race. Set goals to strive, by following your pace irrespective of your age group or the finish line. Have belief in yourself and work towards your fitness. That said, here are a few other tips that can help you on your mental preparation. Continue reading “How to Be Mentally Fit for Triathlon”

How to Become a Triathlon Coach

triathlon coachPeople decide to become coaches due to various reasons, motivations, and aspirations. Perhaps parents may choose to become coaches to help their children’s club. An experienced group of athletes who want to coach as a way of giving back to the community. Whichever way, triathlon coaches play a central role in developing the sport as each level the game. The act of coaching in an essential element of one’s personal development. Continue reading “How to Become a Triathlon Coach”

Bike Training Tips for Triathlons

triathlete tranistionThe act of biking is easy to master. The challenge comes in when you turn your leisurely biking into a race effort. If you’ve ever competed in a triathlon, you know how difficult the bike-run transition can be. Once you’ve left the fairly comfort of your bike seat, those few running steps can feel like you are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you don’t train properly, your biking speed will be below par and you may wonder whether you will be capable of finishing the cycling portion of the competition. Here are triathlon training tips that will help you finish the race ahead of defending champions.

Use the bike you will race on

Riders that do all training on the bike that they use in a competition perform better than those that use a different bike than the one they use on a race day. Don’t spend weeks or months training on one bike then use a different bike for the race. Also, remember that an expensive bike does not make a better cyclist. Therefore, you don’t need to train on the most expensive bike in the city provided that you are comfortable on the one you currently have.

Continue reading “Bike Training Tips for Triathlons”

Important Tips For Swim Training

When you are a triathlon swimmer, you have to do things a little bit different from the regular swimmers if you want to be at your best performance. You have to engage in endurance workouts to build your strength. You should also be very keen to improve your swimming mechanics. There are simple things that you can do that will greatly help to improve your triathlon performance. Here are simple tips that will help you a lot;

Overcome Your Anxiety

Continue reading “Important Tips For Swim Training”

Tips for Marathon Training

athletes run in the outdoor race on the roadIn a triathlon event you will be required to run for a marathon, swim and do cycling. All the activities will follow each other without a rest. This makes it necessary for you to prepare well in case you will like to win. Your success in the event will depend on your performance at the three events. This makes it necessary for you to take time and assess yourself. Through carrying out your own assessment, you will know areas where you are weak. In case you are weak in cycling, then you need to train more. For those who find swimming hard, they should take time and prepare in advance. Here are tips for you to perform well in the marathon part:

Continue reading “Tips for Marathon Training”

Triathlon Race Day Tips To Deal With Race Day Jitters

Triathlon pictogramA Triathlon can be a bit stressful for athletes irrespective of whether they are novice or experienced. It is extremely important to prepare well for it so that you perform well to your optimum level on the race day. Many athletes get race day jitters which can affect their performance and all their hard work and training that they have done for several weeks or months may become futile. In this article we will discuss some important tips that athletes can follow to perform well on race day and avoid taking unnecessary stress and anxiety.

There are a number of thing that athletes can do to stay relaxed and focused on the race day. Here are just a few important tips to follow on Triathlon race day to avoid getting anxious and perform well:

1) Be Prepared

You should prepare a pre-race checklist of all the things you may need. Get all your gear and clothes ready the night before the race day and go through the list to ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything. One of the most important thing to check in advance is your bike tires and ensure they are well inflated and ready for the race.

2) Get to the race early

Athletes should ensure that they get to the race early so that they can relax and prepare themselves for the event. This will also help you find parking space which may be difficult if you arrive in the last minute. You should stay positive and keep reminding yourself that you have done all the necessary training to do well in the competition. When you arrive early it will help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings especially with the transition area which can be vital to your ultimate performance in the race.

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