What Is Olympic Distance Triathlon and How to Prepare For It?

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Triathlon pictogramTriathlon is an activity which involves cycling, swimming and running in a single event. The standard Olympic distance triathlon consist of 1500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running. There are many variations of triathlon available. Some of them include the following:

Enticer / Novice

This consists of Swimming for less than 750m, riding a bike for less than 20km and Running for less than 5km.


In sprint participants are required to swim for 750m, followed by riding a bike for 20km and run for 5km.

Standard, Olympic or Classic

In the Olympic distance triathlon participants will be required to swim for 1500m, then ride a bike for 40km and run for a total of 10km.

Long Course / Half Iron Distance

In this case participants are required to swim between 2500 and 3800m, then ride a bike for 80km to 120km, run – for a distance between 20km and 30km.

Iron Distance

In the iron distance participants will be required to swim for 3800m, then ride a bike for 180km and run for a total of run 42km.

Tips in preparing for Olympic distance triathlon

Sometimes you may have the activity arranged in your locality. For you to participate and win, you should prepare well. You should ensure you have all that is required for you to participate in the activity. Here are tips for you to prepare for the activity:

Ensure your bike is working well

The activity will involve riding a bike in some parts. For you to avoid cases where you will be let down by the condition of your bike, you should ensure the bike is serviced before the day of the event. You should also practice riding the bike prior to the day of the competition. If possible you should ride the bike for more than 40 kilometers so that you will get used to the distance. You should also ensure you have the best brand of the bike for you to avoid being disadvantaged. The brand of the bike which you are used to should be the one which you will participate with it.

Buy the right running shoes

For you to be able to run, you should start your practice early. In the triathlon you will be required to run for a distance of 10 kilometers, it will be very hard for you to run the ten kilometers in case you are wearing the wrong shoes and you have not carried out enough practice. You should make a routine of running for days before the day of the competition.

Ensure you have the right swimming gear and you have done enough swimming exercise

Swimming will be part of the activity, you should be able to swim for 1500 meters for you to complete the game. In order to avoid cases where you will be embarrassed, you should ensure you swim at least for some days for you to refresh your skills before the real day of the competition. Your swimming gear should make you feel comfortable while swimming. You should first fit it and ensure it is perfect before the day of the competition.

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